Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Essentials Sew-Along: Apparently I Am Doing This

So I realized recently that I was unwittingly participating in the Summer Essentials Sew-Along--funny how these things happen--and I went ahead and formally signed up. "Five-ish summer pieces by August-ish" is a very loose and manageable challenge, and my closet can definitely use some lightweight pieces, both for summer and for layering in the fall and spring. As much fun as it is to sew with wool, I would also like to branch out a little and develop some chops with other fabrics.

My tentative (and highly ambitious) list of garments is here, and will be updated with links as I finish things:

5) An olive green linen skirt of some kind--A-line, maybe?--with in-seam pockets.

6) A black cotton lawn chemise dress with a sweetheart neckline.

7) Another low-backed top, in white silk/cotton voile.

8) Clam-diggers--maybe also in linen, I haven't bought the fabric for this yet Navy linen high-waisted shorts!
I think I can manage most of these! I've drafted a pattern for the linen pants and I'm about to cut them out (with a one-inch seam allowance, because it's a certainty that something about the pattern is wrong and will need to be tweaked). Wish me luck, guys.


  1. Good luck! I look forward to seeing the finished products :)

  2. Thanks! This SESA thing is useful, since I really need practice with lighter-weight fabrics and the cool techniques (gathering, pleating, baby-hemming) you can do with them.