Monday, June 20, 2011

Something Else I'm Apparently Doing

If you don't read Academichic, you probably should. Lady academics blogging about DIY maternity style, the long impossible road to tenure, political and historical fashion, bike-friendly outfits, and color blocking! It's pretty great. And every year they run something called Dress Your Best, which brings bloggers together in celebrating their hot bits instead of shamefully concealing their unacceptable bodies. I have a lot of time on my hands lately, so I'm going to do this too. Everybody should do it! It's really fun to brag on your own hotness.

The first thing you do is list five parts of your body that you're proud of. In no particular order:
  1. My waist. It's a lot smaller than my hips--not to a New Look kind of extreme, but very shapely and proportional. I have a long torso, but my waist starts very high, so I can wear the hell out of a pencil skirt and look like I'm all leg.
  2. My upper back. I have a tattoo of this cover art on my left shoulderblade, and I love to show it off. I think my back is strong, and it feels unexpected in a sexy way to show skin there.
  3. The gray in my hair. I love it; it makes me feel grown-up and powerful. Even if no one else notices, it still gives me confidence and authority.
  4. My biceps. I appreciate all the work they do for me, and their symbolic power as a critique of the "weak" feminine (sadly, their actual power isn't quite as impressive--I'm working on that!).
  5. The hair under my arms. It's a reminder that I choose my own beauty--nobody gets to do it for me. I can wear lipstick and earrings and skirts that belt at the waist and I still don't have to shave because I'm not dressing for anybody else. I'm dressing for me.
Even if you don't have a blog, I'd recommend making a list like this. It feels good! I'll have more DYB posts up later--the challenge runs for two weeks.


P.S. Trousers are done, and they fit amazingly. I haven't had a chance to drag my dear love of a partner outside for a photo shoot yet, so pictures will come later. I feel like Katharine Hepburn in them, though. And that is a powerful feeling.

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