Monday, June 13, 2011

Finished Project: Pencil Skirt & Backless Shell

Time for an outfit post! I made this pencil skirt and top last week, on self-drafted patterns. I keep meaning to do some embroidery stitching on the top but I kind of like it plain:

The scoop back is gathered slightly so it'll lie flat, but if (when) I make this again I think I'll gather it even more:

Skirt: Basic pencil skirt with a back zip and French vent, in cotton-linen blend. I used Natalie Bray's Dress Pattern Designing as a guide for spacing the darts and whatnot. This is my third or fourth pencil skirt pattern and you know what, accurate measuring makes a huge difference! I also much prefer this just-below-the-knee length for a fifties silhouette (and for sitting down without public indecency).

Top: A backless shell in cotton lawn, adapted from my bodice block (also drafted using the Bray text). I didn't have any blouses that showed off my tattoo. Problem solved.

This picture makes it look like I'm flying...

...but I'm really just lifting my arms so you can see the side seams (French!):

Upstate New York doesn't believe in summer, so I had to wear a sweater for most of the day--

--but it was gorgeous out by the time we took pictures. Nice job, upstate New York.

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