Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dress Your Best, in Seersucker

I made this dress about a month ago, and it's taken me this long to get it photographed!  I thought it would be perfect for Dress Your Best, since it shows off all my favorite parts of my body.

Dress: Blue stripe seersucker.  The bodice fullness is taken out with four large darts at the front waist, and the back bodice has waistline and shoulder darts.  The skirt is gathered, dirndl-style.  It is mad comfortable.

When I think of things I like about my body, "waist" is right up there.  It's quite a bit smaller than my hips, so forties and fifties silhouettes fit me very nicely.  In conjunction with my height (another thing this outfit accentuates, and which I should have added to my original list) my defined waist makes me feel very womanly and powerful:

I love being tall.  I would wear a two-inch heel every day if it weren't so hard on my knees!  And I love the way the back of this dress fits: loosely enough that I can move freely, and with enough shape and softness that you can see the outline of my shoulderblades and upper back.

I also love the way I can wear a feminine sundress and not have to sacrifice any of my strength, individuality, or queerness.  It's all right there written on my body.  Here I am cracking up at the butch/femme contrast of this photo:

and appreciating the scattering of gray in my hair for what it is: a sign of maturity, of difficulties conquered and stresses put behind me:

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