Monday, July 11, 2011

Sailor Shorts: Kentucky Edition

HELLO EVERYONE.  I'm in Kentucky visiting my family, so today's photos are from a (relatively) exotic locale: my dad's garden!

I found Queen Anne's Lace!  It is my favorite flower because it sounds fancy but is kind of a weed.

Shorts: adapted from my Sailor Pants pattern--high waisted, with five belt loops and a button placket down the left side.  That's right.  I invented buttons for these shorts.

I couldn't for the life of me find instructions on how to set a button placket into a seam, so it was divine providence when I found an old ripped skirt with a front button placket shoved in with my sewing things.  I stared at it with my concentrating face on until it made sense, then drew a number of diagrams to explain it to myself-in-the-future, just in case I forgot.  Through some miracle of beginner's luck, it worked!  I'd also never done buttons or buttonholes before (somehow), so these shorts represent a lot of firsts.

My sunflower impression!:

My grumpy sunflower impression!:

(Pardon the wrinkles.  Linen.  You know how it is.)

They're on the baggy side, which is good for hanging around in summer.  Also, if you've noticed I wear the same belt with everything: it is the perfect size and it came from Star Vintage in Ann Arbor, so if you are ever there, buy a belt.

I giggle a lot during these photo shoots.  :)

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