Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Self-Stitched September

Even More Outfits (under the jump!)

But before we get to that--things I'm planning!  The apron for Dear Partner is done--just need to photograph it--and tragically hip if I do say so myself.  I've got some cotton flannel for a nightgown, and two kinds of wool coming in the mail for a winter skirt and jumper, and cotton pique print (also coming in the mail) which will probably become a shirtdress!  Exciting things are in the air here.

Without further ado:

September 9 - an awful picture, but a very comfortable outfit worn to translate ancient Egyptian poetry in a coffeeshop:

September 10 - making chili!  It was good chili.  I made the leftovers into Frito pie.  Today.  Even though it's eleven days old.  Hey, waste not want not.

September 11 - I don't even remember what I did that day, but I don't think it was very exciting:

September 13 - worn to teach and model for the cover of an upcoming indie rock album (joke):

September 14 - making aloo gobi!:

September 15 - teaching again, boo:

September 16 - celebrating the completion of my awesome hat by wearing it to the grocery store!:

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