Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eras and Styles

If you follow this blog at all you have probably noticed that my go-to era is the early forties.  I have a slightly more complicated relationship to the period than some other sewing bloggers because I draft my own patterns--but then again, none of us can manage complete period accuracy in any case, not when we're using modern fabrics, modern techniques, and our modern sense of what looks "right."  When I'm drafting a new pattern, I usually flip through the vintage patterns wiki and search around on Pinterest for inspiration, but I never stick with any one pattern; I take the neckline on one, the waist detailing on another, and draft up a version that works for my body and tastes.

That said, I've noticed that I take different things from different periods.  In the forties, I'm drawn to a very practical, war-work sensibility--slacks, overalls, square shoulders and straight skirts:

I can't get enough menswear influence!  (My favorite Sears pages, by the way, are the ones with ladies in pants looking meaningfully at one another.  Lady A on the left there is totally oblivious to the torrid romance between Ladies B and C):

(And really, how do you read this next image besides "budding lesbian slyly checks out her friends' boobs"?):

From the thirties, I want skirts--I love that long, slim skirt silhouette you just don't get later:

Oh, and dramatic lapels!  I love me some dramatic lapels!  Not to mention the sweet tiny hats.  (Don't tell anybody but I've got a hat-related project on my sewing table right now.)

For fifties-inspired outfits, I tend to lean toward the juvenile--anything you might wear with knee socks and flat sneakers:

or fitted dresses with some tailored details, secretary style:

What eras do you love?  What styles do you take from them?

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