Friday, August 26, 2011

Self-Stitched September

Expect this face in my outfit photos.
Guess what: I'm participating in Self-Stitched September.

I'm going to shoot for daily outfit pics, but they are not going to be photo-shoot-worthy and may feature weary, haggard expressions.  (I have two twelve-hour days this semester--my teaching schedule is all out of whack.)  We'll see how many I decide to post, but I'd like to document my outfits for myself at least.  The idea of having a month's worth of pictures of myself to reference five or ten or twenty years in the future is very appealing.

I figure I've got three skirts, two tops, one pair of pants, two pairs of shorts (if you count cut-offs I made myself!), and two dresses in regular rotation, plus a couple more of these 40s shirts in various stages of construction.  I can totally do this.  But just in case, I'm counting my me-made nightgown (previously this dress, but too comfy not to sleep in) and apron.  Everybody needs a loophole, right?

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