Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Feel Like Someone Will Get Mad At Me For Calling This Steampunk...

No matter!  Friends, the only steampunk thing about this skirt is the buttons.  It's much too short to be convincingly nineteenth-century.  Incidentally, I mark two hemlines on all my skirt patterns: just below the knee, or "summer length," and this mid-calf style, or "winter length."

Steampunk skirt: four-gore A-line skirt in the leftover wool flannel from these trousers, with a side zip, belt loops, notched back waistband, and Steampunk Buttons!

They're super special, and I've been waiting for months for the right garment to come along to use them on.  But now I feel weirdly bereft--what if I make a vest for Dear Fiancée, say, and I have no suitably hipsterish adornment?  Maybe I should buy some more.

This skirt is warm.  It's comfy.  It's simple enough not to stand out in a crowd, but decidedly out-of-date enough to distinguish me from my undergrads.  Everything I need in a garment.

The way I've styled the skirt here is a bit misleading--let's call this the "indoor only" version of this outfit.  The outdoor version would look more like what I wore to shovel snow this morning: everything you see here, plus sweater, tights, leg warmers, down coat, hat, mittens, extra socks, and winter boots.  Very important unseen element: the plaid flannel underskirt:

Comfy-cozy.  Oh, and yes, that is hem lace!  I'm getting really into these fancy hem finishes on simple garments.  The lace is from an antiques shop in Paducah, Kentucky.  That town is a damn treasure trove.

So long, y'all.  I think my sewing mojo is back, so I might be posting more often--but I might not.  We'll see.  Try not to faint with anticipation.

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