Monday, February 20, 2012

I Made Underpants!

I know, I know.

Pilch knickers: in green seersucker with darts, a button placket, and some buttons from one of those dollar-a-bag button lots at my local fabric store.

What are pilch knickers?  I don't know.  Ask Natalie Bray.  The internet has not helped me define the term, but Natalie uses it to describe any underpants-like garment with a "crutch" gusset (rather than something like French knickers, which are put together like boxer shorts).

You'll recognize the fabric as leftover from this dress.  I can never wear them together.  It's just too much like being a three-year-old in one of those dress-shorts combos.

The fit is not bad, for a first shot--I will probably put elastic around the legs next time, as these turned out unexpectedly, uh, breezy--and I've got several more ready to cut out from leftover lengths of cotton.  They sort of look like half of a 1940s swimsuit.

That's all for now--I've been stalled on the corset project, but hope to get back to it soon--and I've been experimenting with other bra options.  Oh, and in my first foray into home decor sewing, I made the easiest curtains in the whole world--I'll post about those soon.  Most of the projects I'm planning for the near future are dreadfully practical (more handkerchiefs, homemade pads) but I will blog about them anyway in the hopes that some of you will find it useful.  I should rename this blog "Some Completely Unglamorous Things I Have Made."  Would anybody still read it?


  1. Those look great! I'm curious, though--how does it work to wear non-stretch undies? Are they comfortable?

  2. @Some Girl: like I said--breezy (though supposedly that is good for you). I may put elastic around the legs of the next pair I make. I'm also considering putting a drawstring in these, since they tend to stretch out over the course of the day--but it's not that big of a deal, honestly. It's just a matter of getting some balance--roomy enough that they don't bind, tight enough (particularly at the waist) that they stay up.

    And I think they're sexy--but I doubt that would be popular consensus on the matter--so keep that in mind. :)

  3. I have just joined a oh la la sew along by a few loose threads, there is a link on my blog. This is a small corset and bra sew along, thought you may like it, I know Ana has lots of other knickers and undies on her Etsy site too.