Friday, October 14, 2011

The Dressing-Gown You've All Been Waiting For

Isn't it glam?

Dressing-gown: plaid cotton flannel with long sleeves, turnback lapels, patch pockets, and a wrap-style button waist.

This is the softest, most comfortable fabric ever.  I wear it over my sweatpants and feel like a Hollywood starlet!  It's a mash-up of several of these styles, and I used it as a sort of trial-run for some techniques I haven't tried before--separate waistband in a dress, lapels without a collar, wrap-style anything.  I'm glad I chose a button closure instead a tie--it's much neater-looking, requires no ironing, and looks like a frock-coat in the right light!

Those pockets need another row of stitching, though...  :(  It's always something.

Here's the back--I love the way the darts curve the lines of the plaid:

Close up of the lapels and button waist:

And my grumpy face, for your amusement:


  1. So lovely! I love a good tartan dressing gown :)

  2. that is so cool, I just love the buttons, I hope to see it on Sew Weekly this week coming!!

  3. @Debi: yes, my life was empty without it!

    @Charlotte: Oh, that is the next theme, huh? I'll have to do some digging and figure out how to post a garment. I'm baffled by the Sew Weekly user interface... all me being inept at technology, of course, nothing to do with the design!